Dinner: Changing the Game

Melissa Clark’s –  Dinner: Changing the Game recently arrived in the library. The first thing I noticed was that the book lays flat making it easy to keep open and read the recipe. Second there is a large photo on one side of many of the pages with the recipe on the other page. Dinner has evolved from the meat and potato days with some soggy vegetables on the side.  Dinner can be found right in our cupboards and refrigerators and with the right combinations it can be turned into something delicious. This cookbook provides help in finding new and simple meals for dinner.

I made the Shrimp Banh Mi recipe on pg. 134. As it calls for spicy ingredients like sriracha,Thai or Serrano Chile and jalapeno I opted for a milder version leaving those out. I added a few panko crumbs  to make it a little easier to handle in the pan.The flavors come together well and it is easy to make very delicious.  There are many delicious recipes in this cookbook and I am looking forward to trying them.