Favorite Kitchen Tools

I love kitchen gadgets and I admit I buy gadgets that are more fun than necessary. How many times have I gone through my kitchen drawers to find those coveted gadgets sitting there and never used.  When I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my thumb last year I decided that there was nothing wrong with looking for tools which would make my life easier.  I found a couple of tools I would like to share with you.

Swing-A-Way 711BK Comfort Grip Jar Opener






The Swing a Way Comfort Jar opener has notches along one side which you can adjust to the size of the jar or item you want to open. You squeeze it and then turn the lid to open.  It works very well and I have to say is very easy on the thumb.  It does not feel like I am opening a tight item.  the black rubber part which is suppose to act as a grip so your thumb is not holding onto the metal piece does move up an down.  Though it does not affect the action of the opener. At just under $10.00 it is well worth the price.


OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener with Lid Catch

I have always found OXO products to be well made and lasting.  This Oxo can opener is no exception.  You push a button to release it.  Then as other can openers you attach it to the side of the top of the can.  The magnet helps keep it in place slightly. Once in place you grip the sides together and lock into place.  Turn the knob and easily open the  can.  The effort is minimal and I have not felt it in my thumb or hand.  Costing just under $20.00 it is well worth it. 

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