Food 52 – a New Way to Dinner

Another new cookbook that came into the library this week was “>Food 52: a new way to dinner by Amanda Hesser.  It is a cookbook filled with recipes and strategies to make a meal plan for the week ahead. Complete with a grocery list and a plan to make and prepare dishes over the weekend for the week ahead. Recipes include a large photo, ingredients and directions including directions to extend the meal for a lunch the next day.  This book is definitely for the organized cook. One drawback is that some photos of the finished item does not appear on the same page as the recipe.  For instance, the photo of Tad’s roasted potatoes appears on page 44, six pages before the recipe. Though the recipe for Fish Tacos and the photo do appear side by side.

For dinner tonight I made the Beef Short Ribs in Red Wine.  The photo for this recipe was featured right next to the recipe.  Instead of adding the total amount of wine called for I used half wine and half beef stock. I was also concerned with the flavor of the recipe because it did not ask for many spices.  As it turned out I need not be as the recipe is delicious without adding anything extra.  The ribs were tender.  I added boiled red potatoes and it made for a delicious Sunday meal. There was enough left over for another meal this week.