What Good Cooks Know

The America’s Test Kitchen is one of my favorite sources for information.  I try to catch their shows on Pbs and pick up the cookbooks when they come into the library.  A new one came out the end of last year.  It is called What Good Cooks Know: 20 years of test kitchen expertise in one essential handbook.

While some of the information on saute pans, oven mitts and grill brushes may change in the next few years the basic information on how to choose potatoes or kale, or identifying cuts of meat will not.
The information on the page is easy to read.  On many pages the information is presented in blocks making it easy to navigate the page.  Charts on how to buy certain foods and what to look for in kitchen tools and equipment is presented at the end of the book.
Unfortunately, you can not go far on the America’s Kitchen website without a membership; the cookbooks and TV shows make it easier to get their advice and recipes.