Salad in a Jar

Last spring I discovered a very enjoyable, healthy alternative to sandwiches for lunch.  It is called Salad in a Jar and you need is a mason jar and your imagination. Depending on what size lunch you want use a clean Mason jar either 1 quart or a pint.  You don’t have to buy a case of them.  You can buy them individually at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  Though you might want to own several so you can make them in advance.  If prepared properly these can be stored for 4 or 5 days.

  1. Start with a clean mason jar.   IMG_1977  Use a quart or pint size depending on how much salad you want.
  2. Decide what kind of salad you want to make and lay out your ingredients.

3.  Wash the vegetables and cut them into small pieces.

4.  Loading the jar:  In order to keep your salad from wilting loading the jar is the most important step.  You want to keep the lettuce and salad dressing separate.  Put the salad dressing in first, followed by the hard vegetables – peppers, carrots, cucumber, snow peas.IMG_1979   In this salad I used Marzetti’s Simply Dressed Balsamic dressing.  Use your favorite dressing.

5.  Next load the softer items – cheese, beans, meat, olives.

6.  On top of this put lettuce .

7.  Close the lid and you have lunch or dinner for the next few days.

8. When ready to eat turn your jar upside down and shake or empty into a salad bowl.

My Ingredients for a basic salad:

1 Tbs. BalsamIMG_0300ic simply Dressed dressing
Shredded carrots
Red, yellow or green peppers, diced

Snow peas, chopped

Cucumber, chopped
Tomatoes, diced
Deli turkey and ham, about 3 ounces
1 slice swiss cheese, diced
4-6 olives, your preference ( I like black or kalamata olives), sliced
Spinach and/or lettuce leaves