Stir Fried Garlic Lettuce – Wok Wednesdays

One of the recipes for January Wok Wednesdays is Stir Fried Garlic Lettuce.  Had to work all weekend so my husband made Stir Fried Red Peppers and Stir Fried Garlic Lettuce for dinner one night with roasted pork chops with Emeril seasoning. He did a great job and they were both delicious. He used romaine lettuce as Grace suggested. I admit I have never thought of stir frying lettuce much less using it in something other than salad.The flavor is terrific.

The recipe is on page 139 in Grace Young’s The Breath of the Wok.


The recipe includes:

Dry sherry or rice wine

Soy sauce



Vegetable oil

5 cloves garlic, smashed

1 pound Romaine hearts

Sesame oil