Turkey Sausage with Vegetables and Herbs

The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook by Maggie Green includes recipes to fit the season. The recipes take into account what vegetable is in season and what is locally available. Nutrition information is not included but if you have been cooking for a while you will know what to substitute for healthier options. The recipes are simple it is easy to add other vegetables or meats or substitute items.

I made Chicken Sausage with Squash and Fresh Herbs, p. 211. I had some turkey sausage so that is what I used instead of chicken sausage. I added red pepper, and tomatoes as the recipe suggested. The recipe calls for kalamata olives, capers, summer squash and red onion.  Great flavor and a perfect recipe for this time of year with all the fresh produce available.  Make some rice or Parmesan bread to go with it.  Pair with a bottle of white wine such as Riesling or Chardonnay.