Vegetable Cookbooks

Adding more vegetables are on everyone’s mind these days.  Two new vegetable cookbooks came out last year.  First up is Martha Stewart’s Vegetables:  inspired recipes and tips for choosing, cooking and enjoying the freshest seasonal flavors.  Stewart divides her book by type of  vegetable:  greens, fruits, stalks & stems, bulbs, tubers etc.  She includes how to prep, store and buy each of these.  She gives suggestions of what entrees go best with the vegetable.   Plenty of recipes are included with easy to follow instructions and photos.

The Vegetable Butcher by Cara Mangini is the A to Z guide to vegetables.  Mangini includes how to select, prep, slice, dice and cook vegetables.  A visual guide shows how to cut different types of vegetables into different shapes. Ten pages are devoted to Artichokes.  Included are good partnerships to artichokes, how to prep, and a selection of recipes to try with a section of favorite cooking methods.  Other vegetables receive the same treatment.

While you can count on Martha Stewart to create a quality cookbook, I have to say that my choice is  The Vegetable Butcher.  The basic information about a vegetable is contained in a two page spread and she includes how to prep the vegetable.  The photos are well done and the recipes are easy to follow.